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Dear buyers, you are welcome to Find the best cement board price in Nepal, Shivam cement price in Nepal, and Materials and construction services reviews at priceofnepal.com It’s very important to choose the best cement brand for home construction. You need to know the best brands of cement and its price. I have already given you some information on cement in Nepal in a post before, but you ask me which is the best cement brand in Nepal. What is the latest cement price in Nepal? So I have decided to give you this information one more time.

Cement is a mixture of aggregate, water, and cementitious materials such as fly ash.  There are two types of cement viz. Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) & Rapid Hardening Cement (PPC). Portland cement and Rapid hardening cement were invented by Englishman Joseph Aspdin in the year 1824. Ere are affordable cement prices & top 10 best brands of cement in Nepal.

Sarbottam cement price in Nepal

There are some rumors that the government will decrease the cement price next month. It’s always a good idea to choose the best brand of cement which has less content of clay (fine material). You may get different answers from different people. So here I am posting, which is the best cement among brands available in Nepal (cheaper, standard, and super grade).


You can see the list of brand names of cement available in Nepal below.

Narayani Cement
CG Cement
Chitwan cement
Cosmos Cement 
Goenka Cement
Gorakhkali Cement
Udayapur Cement
Agni Cement 
Ambe Cement
Shuva Laxmi Cement
Dang Cement
Annapurna Cements
Balaji Cement 
Bhugarbha Cement 
Bishal Cement 
Bishwokarma Cement 
Brij Cement Industries
Buddha Cement
Butwal Cement Mills
Jai Bageshwari Cement

Shivam cement price in Nepal

INTRODUCTION:  Cement is a building material made from a mixture of cement raw materials, including sharp sand and limestone. Both are key ingredients in the process of making cement. In order to make cement, you need to mix the cement raw materials with water to create a thick liquid solution called “cement slurry”. You then need to let this slurry stand still for a while until it hardens into cement. the hardened substance is known as “cement” or “concrete”. Cement is widely used in the construction industry because it is affordable and highly durable. It has been used in buildings throughout history and especially today. Cement is also used in making concrete blocks for walls and floors, among other things.

There are lots of factors that decide the price of cement in Nepal. most important thing is to find the quality concern which is connected with the quality of your project. Mortar sand and builder’s sand are also essential parts of cement. Mortar sand is used for building bricks, tiles, and stones.

If you’re building a home in Nepal, the cost of cement is one of the first things to consider. Cement costs are usually low when you buy in bulk, and this makes it a staple material for building homes in Nepal. You want to build a house and want the quality of cement to be good for your goal. There are various types of cement you can use for building a house. But, the price cannot be ignored at the same time. If you check the cement price list in Nepal, you will get to know the updated price list of the best cement brands in Nepal.

The Cement Price in Nepal is updated daily. Check the latest price in the list below


OPC cement price in Nepal

Cement price in Nepal is not fixed, it is continuously changing. It is most updated in the real-time world. provides you with daily updates about cement prices of various types of brands available in this market.

The price of cement. Check cement prices in Nepal here. We have collected the prices of all major cement brands in Nepal.

Shivam Cement RS.830/-
Goenka Cement RS.780/-
Shaktiman Cement RS.770/-
Bishal Cement RS.750/-
Maruti Cement RS. 780/-
Argakhachi Cement RS. 780/-
Jadamba Cement RS.790/-
United Cement RS.860/-
Sarvottam Cement RS.750/-
Sagarmatha Cement RS.740/-
Agni Cement (ALPHA)RS.780/-
PPC cement price in Nepal
Jadamba Cement RS. 690/-
Sarvottam Cement RS. 670/-
Cosmos Cement  (TEJ)RS. 660/-
Orient tridev and AGNI RS. 670/-
Sagarmatha Cement RS. 645/-
Shakthiman Cement RS. 660/-

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